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My Roots My Identity Programme

Address details
Organisation Our Roots CIC
Address 20 Holyhead Road
B21 0UY
Contact details
Phone 07878059216 / 07846887753/ 0121 359 3739

This programme is run on East African Voice radio every Thursday 5 – 6pm or Sunday 2-3pm. This thought-provoking and riveting programme seeks to tickle, incite and stimulate the listener into self-discovery, self-worth and self-actualisation. I adopt a psychotherapeutic and counselling approach whereby i believe that a person cannot be whole until he or she knows who actually he/she is. The knowledge or consciousness of the self forms an identity that makes one unique and that this uniqueness can best be promoted by its owner himself or herself for his or her benefit and for the benefit of their community and society. So join me then as we search for our roots, as we esteem in our identity or as we even go back to my/our roots.


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Categories Employment, Education and Training,Immigration advice and support
Gender both
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