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Mentoring Service

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Organisation Aspire & Succeed
Address Carpenters Road Hub 3 Carpenters Road Lozells
B19 2BA
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Phone 0121 507 0218

We strongly believe mentoring is a vital tool used to support and encourage the students to manage their own learning, maximise their potential, develop their skills and self-confidence.
Not only does mentoring benefit their educational needs but also helps to develop their personal, social and emotional needs. It is crucial that young people are equipped with the appropriate skills to improve their own learning, build positive relationships, communicate effectively and improve their self esteem.
During each mentoring session, we set Individual Plans that are discussed and agreed upon by the Teacher, Mentor and most importantly the pupil.
Through our mentoring we try to create an environment where the students can have an informal chat about the progress they are making. It allows the opportunity to self assess and highlight any concerns regarding their education, home or social life. It also helps us as an organisation to reflect and modify our practise and services.

For more information about this please contact Shale Ahmed on:

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Categories Counselling and listening
Gender both
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Last updated: Feb 18, 2019 12:11

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