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Community Walkabout

Address details
Organisation Community Foundation
Address 20 Silas Square Lozells
B19 1QW
Contact details
Phone 0121 238 3282

We organise collective walkabouts in target areas between local residents and key service providers, such as police and housing, to highlight locations that attract Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) and talk to people who live nearby about the problems and then collectively identify which agency should take responsibility for the different problem and agree what will be done and by when. This project deals with visible low scale easy fix ASB e.g. graffiti, vandalism, littering, rubbish dumping, discarded needles / bottles, etc, which if left unaddressed attracts further ASB and creates broken window syndrome. The remedial action is to quickly respond to the problems and carry out work which are not resource exhaustive

Service details
Categories Exercise, sport & recreation,Social Activities
Gender both
Quality standards

Last updated: Nov 26, 2018 12:18

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