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FREE Therapy & Counselling

Address details
Organisation Women's Consortium Therapy
Address Women's Consortium. Assay Studio, 141 Newhall Street, Birmingham
B3 1SF
Contact details
Phone 0843 88 66 771 0r 07477 859 626

FREE Therapy & Counselling
A true investment to a brighter future!
Women's Consortium are delivering free therapy across Birmingham supporting individuals to develop resilience against mental health, learning techniques to living a positive healthier lifestyle. The therapy service is available 7 days a week Monday to Sunday 10am till 8pm and are delivered by our physiological practitioners and therapists.

We are passionate about improving peoples’ effectiveness and then evaluating the impact that this has on performance at an individual and organisational level. We love what we do and we endeavour to inspire the people we work with to measurable individual success by developing a learning mindset driven by curiosity, reflection and a desire to reach their full potential.
Our mission is to ensure that our support service eradicates poor mental health and improves emotional state of mind.
Should you or anyone you know wish to book an appointment, then please feel free to contact Women's Consortium to book your place 0843 88 66 771, 07477 859 626 or email
Women's Consortium.
Assay Studio, 141 Newhall Street,
Birmingham B3 1BF.

Soho Medical Centre.
247-251 Soho Rd,
Birmingham B21 9RY

Service details
Categories Advice and guidance,Counselling and listening,Family support,Support for victims
Gender both
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