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Chinese Cancer Support Group

Address details
Organisation Chinese Community Centre - Birmingham
Address Q-Lorc Resource Centre 99 Bradford Street Digbeth
B12 0NS
Contact details
Phone 0121 685 8510

Overall Aim of project:
To enable Chinese cancer patients to develop a positive attitude and enjoy life through sharing experiences and providing mutual support to each other.

Group meetings and outdoor activities
Workshops provided by Macmillan Cancer Support

This project is funded by Macmillan Cancer Support and is open to Chinese cancer patients, their families and friends living in the UK.

As a result of taking part in the Cancer Support Group, participants:

Develop their understanding that, with proper treatment, cancer is a curable disease
Are empowered to collaborate with medical professionals and take charge of their personal care plans
Learn to deal with fear and anxiety and live a healthier life style with healthy diet and regular exercise.

Become a member of our Cancer Support Group and experience the benefits yourself. We are now recruiting new members. Are you:

a Chinese cancer patient?
a friend or family member of a Chinese cancer patient?
a carer of a Chinese cancer patient?
a professional staff of caring, social and medical background for Chinese cancer patients?

Take a look at our cancer support communications and marketing materials:

Service details
Categories Health Advice and Guidance
Gender both
Quality standards
Ethnicity focus Chinese

Last updated: Nov 26, 2018 11:03

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