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Peer Support Group

Address details
Organisation Chinese Community Centre - Birmingham
Address Q-Lorc Resource Centre 99 Bradford Street Digbeth
B12 0NS
Contact details
Phone 0121 685 8510
Accessibility details For further information, contact our Health Manager, Amy Cui on 0121 6858510 or email to

This is a monthly peer support group led by the Sumyuan core group formed by 10 Chinese carers in August 2011. Sumyuan core group has planned, led and delivered our monthly peer support group activities on the last Thursday of each month since then. They make quarterly plans and nominate two members to lead on each activity. All members have made tremendous effort, contributing not only time and skills but also donating materials for activities.

Through these activities, they have encouraged many more carers to join in, laugh together, share experiences, make new friends and develop support networks. Sumyuan group has raised funds from various sources enabling them to deliver more activities for Chinese carers.

Group activities have included:

Bowling and playing games together
Traditional food appreciation, cooking and eating
Day trips, walking, aerobics dancing

Service details
Categories Carers support
Gender both
Quality standards
Ethnicity focus Chinese

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