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Community Groups at the LGBT Centre

Address details
Organisation Birmingham LGBT
Address Birmingham LGBT Centre 38/40 Holloway Circus
B1 1EQ
Contact details
Phone 0121 643 0821

Birmingham LGBT Centre is currently closed - however, some groups are meeting online. Please contact us for more information.

The Birmingham LGBT Centre hosts a wide range of independent social groups organised by LGBT people for LGBT people. So whether you’re interested in making new friends, pursuing a hobby or interest, or making your voice heard on issues that affect LGBT people, there’s a group for you.

Why Join a Community Group?

Overall, research has shown that group activities can contribute to well-being, feelings of social inclusion. People report increased feelings of well-being from taking part in group activities, particularly when they have little other access to social events or groups with a focus of shared interest or participate with people they identify with.

It also seems that being involved in group interaction with others with a shared interest can aid feelings of well-being. As well as having a positive benefit for individuals, group activities can also contribute to strengthening the LGBT community.

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Categories Social Activities,LGBT Focused Services,COVID-19 Support
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