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Parenting Workshops

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Organisation St Basils
Address St Basils Head Office 71-75 Allcock Street
B9 4DY
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Phone 0121 772 2483
Opening hours Next date tbc
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Parenting a challenging adolescent? Tired of the power struggles? Feeling at your wits end?
Would you like to feel more confident in your role as a parent?
You are not alone!

Many Parents find it hard to connect with their children during the tricky teenage years. Failure to connect with your teenager can lead to a range of social problems such as family breakdown, youth homelessness, mental health problems and offending behaviour.

Parenting Young People workshops will help you to consider better approaches to parenting today’s teenager.
free workshops

Come along to one of our free workshops to:

Learn what it means to be a ‘good enough’ parent
Learn how to connect with your teenager
Better understand why adolescents behave the way they do
Access new practical tools to use when feeling stuck
Connect with other parents to share and exchange ideas

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Categories Family support
Gender both
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