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Hourly Dementia Care

Address details
Organisation Helping Hands Home Care
Address 10 Tything Road West
B49 6EP
Contact details
Phone 0843 634 8025
Accessibility details Contact 0808 274 9602

From recognising initial symptoms, to learning to live well with memory loss, we understand the huge challenges faced by those affected by Dementia their families. Choosing to use care services is a huge decision, and Helping Hands is dedicated to working closely with you to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Our years of care experience have shown that caring for those with memory loss has real benefits for everyone involved.
Helping Hands’ hourly home care service is designed to offer occasional home help for those who are finding it harder to look after themselves. This could mean visits once a week to help with letters and bills, half-hour daily sessions to help with housework, overnight care, or temporary cover for those who are already caring for a loved one.
Our hourly Dementia care service helps people live well in their own homes. More than half our customers live with some form of memory difficulty, so we handpick friendly, expert carers who understand the very specific daily challenges that come with memory loss, and caring for someone with Dementia.

Service details
Categories Dementia
Gender women
Quality standards

Last updated: Oct 25, 2018 16:51

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