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Mentoring and counselling

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Organisation Worth Unlimited
Address 146 Bromford Drive
B36 8TY

Worth Unlimited programmes have mentoring support at their heart across our portfolio. But we also encourage volunteers to support young people in their communities by being a mentor to a vulnerable or at risk young person. Sometimes it is the smaller things that make the most difference as people with a range of different lifestyles, skills and interests find that they can share these with a young person, perhaps only meeting once a fortnight and in doing so see positive change in their mentees life. Often our mentors too find that their lives are changed through their encounter with a young person living a very different life.
Worth Unlimited mentoring programmes involve full and comprehensive training for potential mentors including thorough screening. Our training programme has been approved by the National Mentoring Network.

Peer Mentoring
Worth Unlimited also offer a Peer Mentoring training programme believing that young people themselves can be very supportive and effective role models to their young peers and increasingly local schools are finding that they can help their younger new students settle in more quickly into the new culture by releasing their older students to get involved in supporting the transition process and recognising their capacity to be positive role models.
Peer mentors are drawn from across the range of abilities in a diverse school community. It is not just something for the most gifted. Often the least academically gifted are among the most compassionate and understanding of peer mentors. All Peer mentors are taught a range of essential mentoring skills such as listening skills, signposting skills and how to handle confidentiality as a peer mentor.
Peer mentors often run lunchtime clubs in their schools for younger students and organise special activities. Some are assigned to younger tutor groups and help tutors with checking homework. Others run reading clubs and encourage the development of younger students skills. Peer mentors themselves benefit from the additional responsibility given to them, the status afforded them in the school and the new skills they can apply in wider life.

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