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Homeless support

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Organisation Trident Reach the People Charity
Address St Phillips Community Campus 153 Hagley Road Edgbaston
B16 8UQ
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Phone 0121 643 0883

At Trident Reach the People Charity, our specialist Homeless Services help people break the cycle of homelessness by achieving independence and safeguarding themselves from future risk.
Since becoming a charity, we have supported over 250 customers a month who have been homeless or threatened with homelessness.
In addition to resolving people’s housing needs, we support our customers to accomplish their aspirations and goals, tackling issues such as health and wellbeing, participation in the community, achieving economic independence and getting into volunteering and education.

Our Homeless Patient Pathway operates within Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospital Trust and Heart of England Foundation Trust, identifying those who are at risk of rough sleeping prior to discharge. Our clinical team led by an experienced GP works alongside our housing specialists to provide both health and housing support and advice. We have worked alongside the hospital trusts and other health partners to develop a clear pathway for all patients who access acute hospitals who are risk of being homeless. In the first six months of the pathway over 180 patients experiencing homelessness were safely discharged to suitable accommodation, as well as being supported to better manage their health once out in the community. The pathway’s ground breaking work has been acknowledged when they won a GP Enterprise Award in the Caring for Vulnerable Groups Category in 2014.

We can support homeless people and people who are at risk of homelessness by helping them to:
Access suitable accommodation – To explore all move on options and pathways to securing appropriate suitable accommodation and register with Birmingham City Council (BCC), Registered Social Landlords (RSLs), Private Rented Access. Take all necessary actions to address issues to getting a new home including dealing with any historic or current rent arrears.
Maintain their accommodation – to understand their occupancy agreement; agree the aims, requirements and actions of maintaining their accommodation (i.e. keeping up with rent payments).
Maximise their income – to explore, identify and understand additional income, including earnings/working tax credit/benefits they may be eligible for.
Manage their personal budget and reduce debt – Undertake an income & expenditure and budgeting plan exercise. Support customer to contact relevant debt advice service OR support customer to contact debtors directly themselves to address debt.
Get into employment and volunteering – to refer to other agencies for support to get into employment or volunteering.
Avoid re-offending – Identify the triggers for re-offending, any new skills they need to learn to reduce the likelihood of re-offending and support customer to engage in purposeful activity that supports and leads to a crime free lifestyle.
Manage their substance misuse – Register customer with appropriate substance misuse services.
Understand the nature and causes of abuse – Support customer to establish the need to understand abuse and gain more information about the nature and causes of abuse.
Improve and maintain their mental health – Support and assist customer to actively engage with mental health care bodies, engage (where appropriate) with Community Psychiatric Nurse (CPN) and follow professional advice on mental health and or participate in self-help programme/group.
Identify the risks in their community – Support the client to understand and identify risks that they may feel appropriate to their needs and that of others in the community. Discuss with the client any risks they may have identified through their referral or assessment.
Address and understand the dangers of self harm – Identify the triggers for harmful behaviour and support customer to engage with appropriate support networks/self-help service/counselling.
Establish and maintain appropriate networks – Identify the networks client wishes to establish or re-build, i.e. family / friends, group or agency etc.

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Categories Advice and guidance,Housing advice & support
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