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Volunteering service

Address details
Organisation The Boys' Brigade & Girls' Association in Birmingham
Address Centenary House 89-91 Hatchett Street
B19 3NY
Contact details
Phone 0121 663 1421

Research shows that the fact we volunteer and help others makes us happier! If you choose BB as the place to volunteer, that would make us very happy!

Helping out in a BB group with children and young people can make all the difference to young lives – meaning happier young people, happier communities and a society that values the contribution that we can all make; young, old or in-between. We call our volunteers “leaders” because they guide a course for children and young people.

Many of our volunteers say they’ve learned things through their involvement with BB that have helped them to get new jobs or even change career. For example, as well as helping out in a local BB group, you might like to train as a Trainer and help run courses for other volunteers. Once you volunteer there’s a whole world of opportunities for you to participate in within our movement – locally, nationally or internationally.

Service details
Categories Employment, Education and Training
Gender both
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Last updated: Dec 21, 2018 12:20

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