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Crisis intervention

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Organisation TECC Services Ltd
Address Park Business Centre, Hastingwood Ind Park Wood Lane Erdington
B24 9QR
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Phone 0121 240 5174

TECC Services is able to provide crisis intervention and debriefing to individuals
and organisations within hours of an incident at our Centre in Birmingham.

Trauma can be described as something extraordinary, unpredictable and unavoidable,
not preventable and shocking. To help people overcome this sense of not being
able to function after a traumatic event, trauma debriefing becomes a valuable tool.

The debriefing process is designed to enable the victim to re-experience the incident in a controlled and safe environment in order to make sense of and become reconciled to the traumatic incident.

If anyone has experienced any form of traumatisation, we suggest they have trauma debriefing. It is always better to take preventative measures even if they feel they are coping all right. It is important to be aware of the potential after effects, as when feeling overwhelmed we can become consumed and unable to access services. Some of the long term consequences of trauma that is not dealt with could be on-going nightmares, anxiety attacks, hypervigilance and flashbacks. Trauma debriefing can help reduce these after effects – helping people to heal more quickly.

A common response after a traumatic event is the feeling of loss of control. Through debriefing, the development of adverse reactions to trauma can be supported by giving back the perception and experience of control. Control is achieved by facilitating integration of the profound personal experiences brought about by the incident at a cognitive and emotional level. Where there are a number of people involved in the same incident, the sharing of feelings and information in a group debrief is particularly useful as it enables the individuals to feel less isolated and encourages the acceptance of reactions to the trauma as natural. The debrief is a way of allowing them to gain mastery of the disaster by actively redefining the experience and its consequences. The mastery experienced enables you to distance yourself from the event. Through this process the traumatic experience can be brought to a conclusion.
Intervention at this critical time can significantly reduce the long-term emotional and physical consequences, which could develop, such as post traumaic stress disorder (PTSD).

For those requiring urgent support we aim to provide telephone contact within a 24-hour period. A consultation can take place and a meeting or visit arranged within 48 hours of the initial call.

TECC's Crisis intervention and De-briefing Services in Birmingham can support the following;

Stressful/traumatic event
Road traffic accident or involvement
Sudden death
Rape/Sexual assault
Personal/Organisational Crisis
If you believe we could be of support and would like to discuss our services, please contact us.

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