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Befriending service

Address details
Organisation Stirchley Community Church
Address Hazelwell Street Pershore Road Stirchley
B30 2JX
Contact details
Phone 0121 459 2227

Zeal youth department
Friday nights
This is a youth group for the ages of 11 plus. This group is a safe place for the young people to come and have some fun in a safe environment.
Zeal Live involves; games, challenges, tuck and a 10-minute advice slot, where a leader gives a talk that is aimed at helping and encouraging young people as they go through different challenges in their lives.
Where: Stirchley community Church
When: Every Friday from 7pm – 9pm
Entrance fee: £1 (first week free)

Sunday nights
The Sunday evenings are broken down to 4 different events.
First Sunday in each month – Youth alpha (5.30pm)
Second Sunday in each month – Messy Church (4pm)
Third Sunday in each month – Youth life group (5.30pm)
Fourth Sunday in each month – Joint worship service (6.30pm)

Zeal youth department
The Zeal youth department is run by the team that consists of Liz Brown, Sophie Zaslona, Aleysha McGovern and Hannah Scott

Contact details:
Zeal team
Church: (0121) 459 2227
E mail:

Service details
Categories Befriending,Youth activities
Gender both
Quality standards

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