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Family Mediation

Address details
Organisation St Basils
Address St Basil's Church Heath Mill Lane Deritend
B9 4AX
Contact details
Phone 0300 303 0099
Accessibility details To access the Family Mediation service please call Youthline on 0300 303 0099.

Who is the Family Mediation service for? Anyone aged from 16 to 21 who is at risk of homelessness.

"They were there when I really needed them, when things got really bad. They didn't judge me or tell me what to do, they helped me to think things through. They would have got me a bed if I did (leave home). But I have managed to stay and look after my mum and get my own life and career going."

St Basils Family Mediation is a service for young people aged 16 to 21. All young people in this age category who present as homeless at our Youth Hub are offered this service because it is our belief that, if safe, the parental home is the best place for young people.

All parents experience pressures at some point and in these tough economic times with youth unemployment rising that is only likely to have increased.
Discussion and negotiation.

The core of the work is about developing a relationship with the young person and enabling him or her to articulate the problems they have to deal with in their everyday lives. We keep a clear focus on the young persons long term needs and at the same time make sure that all parties understand that we will completely avoid taking sides. This is very different to other forms of mediation.

Once we have got a clear picture with the young person we can begin to open dialogue with parents and or other family members. Staff spend time with the young person and assess the best way forward. This could be arranging a family meeting to take place or engaging with other family members who can act in support of the young person.

Our aim is to ensure that the young person is heard and taken seriously by family members. This can be the first step towards them being able to hear what other people are saying, replacing shouting and destructive communication, resulting in discussion and negotiation.
Need for change

For Family Mediation to work, all parties involved have to want to change and do things differently. Parents and other family have to be at least willing to try family mediation for it to work.

Service details
Categories Family support
Gender both
Quality standards

Last updated: Dec 20, 2018 11:12

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