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St Basils Youth Engagement

Address details
Organisation St Basils
Address St Basils Church Heath Mill Lane Deritend
B9 4AX
Contact details
Phone 0121 772 2483

St Basil's Youth Engagement department engages with young people at a local level; by developing and providing a wide and varied menu of activities and opportunities for St Basil's residents that empower them to use existing skills or develop new ones. This engagement strategy enables young people to get involved in activities such as:

- Becoming a Resident Rep in a St Basil's accommodation

- Becoming an active member of St Basil's Youth Council and become a collective voice for all St Basil's residents

- Joining St Basil's Scrutiny Panel & carrying out Mystery Shopping activities to test our service delivery

- Engaging in activities developed in partnership with external agencies such as Birmingham NHS South Central CCG, Birmingham CrossCity CCG, West Midlands Fire Service, Healthwatch Birmingham, Access To Music and recently, Ace Dance Academy.

- Engaging in activities organised to promote an healthy lifestyle such as cycling, walking, indoor five a side football etc.

The Youth Engagement Co-ordinator who manages internal and local engagement, set up a ‘scrutiny panel’ in 2014 that any young person receiving services from St Basil's can join. Currently the scrutiny panel is working in partnership with the NHS to help evaluate their services. This group has also been involved in mystery shopping activities where young people receiving support from St Basil's have the opportunity to feedback on the quality of the services on offer and make any recommendations as to how young people’s experiences could be improved.

Service details
Categories Youth activities
Gender both
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Last updated: Dec 20, 2018 11:08

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