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Young people projects

Address details
Organisation Social Unity Foundation of Innovation (SUFI) Trust Ltd
Address 7 Rolling Mill Close Edgbaston
B5 7QD
Contact details
Phone 0121 440 4076

Young People Project

Engage with and stimulate activity with children and young people to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour and increase citizenship and community cohesion.

-Develop a programme of recreational and sporting opportunities to reduce crime and anti social behaviour
-Provide advice and guidance for young people to enable support and promote positive family relationships to foster tolerance and mutual respect
-Promote health promotion and awareness of sexual health
-Promote activities to provide drug and alcohol education
-Train young people in first aid
-Develop a programme for personal safety and reduce fear of crime
-Increase confidence and self esteem to reduce bullying
-Provide parenting skills workshops for young parents
-Promote activities/ workshops/ seminars which improve educational skills and enable children and young people to learn new skills
-Promote citizenship throughout all activity
-Share exchange programmes to learn about culture and exchange ideas
-Work within the ethos of “Every Child Matters”

Service details
Categories Youth activities
Gender both
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Last updated: Dec 17, 2018 12:39

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