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Alcohol and drug support

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Organisation Sikh School Of Arts
Address 341 Vicarage Road Kings Heath
B14 7NN
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Phone 01214448113

Alcohol Awareness Project
Alcohol related problems within the British Sikh community are much documented in research and statistics. Children and young people are growing up in a cultural environment where poor drinking habits are common. There is little help or advice catering for particular needs of the Sikh community let alone young Sikh people, regarding alcohol related problems. Research shows it is highly probable that many of the children and young people will assume poor drinking habits and fall prey to negative effects of excessive drinking later on in their adult lives or even as young people, where most people first begin to drink.
In this project we staged a drama warning children and young people the dangers of binge and excessive drinking culture prevalent within the Sikh community. The plays incorporated martial arts and musical arts which made the drama more attractive to younger audiences. Children and Young people gained the following:
-Gained knowledge of how to deal with the respective problems they faced, identifying agencies that offered further help and advice in the process.
-Exercise their creativity and gained confidence in performance arts by participating in the drama workshops.
-Learnt more about the dangers of alcohol abuse and negative affects imposed on the drinker's friends and family.
-Examined the effects of excessive drinking on personal health, psychological and social well being.
-Through this project the children and young people are more likely to take up sensible drinking habits in their adulthood, and less likely to take up underage drinking and less likely to get involved in anti-social behaviour where alcohol is the main cause.
Delivered in Wolverhampton and Small Heath, Birmingham.

Drugs Drama
This project was created to demonstrate to children the effects of drugs through an anti-drugs drama. We wanted to raise awareness of the negative effects of drug abuse. Children do not realise that drugs cause memory loss, long term damage to the nervous system and often results in anti-social behaviour. Our anti-drugs drama highlighted these, as well as many other problems caused by drugs. Children were encouraged to stay away from drugs and become better citizens. The project brought together young people from the community as they worked alongside one another towards a common goal. Not only did the young people involved benefit from the project but when the drama was shown, the audiences will benefited from the positive message.

-This project prevented future drug usage as children become more aware of the negative consequences.
-They were shown ways in which to deal with situations where they might be offered drugs and discourage them from getting involved with drug dealers.
-It encouraged children to not get caught up in anti-social behaviour that is often a result of drug abuse.
-Developed their confidence by performing to large audiences.
Project delivered in Wolverhampton and Birmingham (Small Heath and Kings Heath). Consequent drama delivered nationwide at community events and festivals.

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Categories Addiction support
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