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School for Martial Arts

Address details
Organisation Sikh School Of Arts
Address 341 Vicarage Road Kings Heath
B14 7NN
Contact details
Phone 0121 444 8113

SA work in close collaboration with the Sikh School of Martial Arts.
They have specially trained instructors with expertise in self-defence, yoga, street awareness, kickboxing, wrestling, art of weaponry and archery. They exist as not-for-profit organisation and are essentially focused on spirit of community empowerment. We find that offering such dynamic sport and recreational activities is a brilliant way to attract new members. The classes also instil a sense of discipline, focus and moral citizenship into our service users. The sessions provided by the Sikh School of Martial Arts are a core part of our weekly youth activities around the country. We currently run weekly sessions in Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Telford, Coventry, Leicester, Slough and Southall.

Service details
Categories Exercise, sport & recreation
Gender both
Quality standards

Last updated: Nov 1, 2016 15:55

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