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Youth camp

Address details
Organisation Sikh School Of Arts
Address 341 Vicarage Road Kings Heath
B14 7NN
Contact details
Phone 0121 444 8113

We organise regular activity camps for children during holiday period.
The camps include various sports, music and arts aimed at capturing the interest of children and youth. We also had the following activities: archery, paintball shooting, rangoli (Indian colour art), dhol (Indian drum) and kickboxing.
The camp allowed young people and children to take part in organised sports and other recreational activities. They had the opportunity to exercise their own creativity and they gained confidence in sport, music and the arts. It also teaches them about traditional Indian sports and culture. Young people and children are able to work together with their peers and interact with a group that they can identify with. The camp encouraged young people to become more involved in organised sports and recreational activities on a regular basis.

Service details
Categories Youth activities
Gender both
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Last updated: Nov 1, 2016 15:54

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