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Volunteering service

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Organisation Sikh Aid International
Address 69 Steward Street
B18 7AF
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Phone 0121 429 1900

Winners of the ‘Sikhs in Charity’ award at the 2011 World Sikh Awards, Sikh Aid International is a Birmingham, UK-based charity. Run entirely by passionately creative volunteers in alignment with the Sikh Dharam, Sikh Aid is committed to serving suffering humanity regardless of colour, creed, gender or beliefs, and in collaboration with other organisations.
Sikh Aid International is guided by the fundamental principles of Sikhism, one of which is Seva – Service rendered to humanity. Seva is, for a Sikh, an important ideal. Although the word ‘Seva’ means ‘to serve’, it has a deeper meaning in that the service offered is a form of worship and no worship is conceivable without Seva.
Voluntary Seva is a personal commitment, and seeks neither monetary reward, nor a shortcut to spiritual salvation. The Sikh Guru’s gave another more powerful purpose underlying the idea of Seva.
In traditional Indian society work involving Capital Labour was considered low and for the humblest caste. By sanctifying it as an honourable religious practice, Sikh gurus established the dignity of labour. By understanding the Guru’s message a Sikh serves humanity selflessly, and through selfless Seva he or she becomes egoless, opening up the possibility that his or her consciousness can merge in union with God.

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Categories Employment, Education and Training
Gender both
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