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Organisation Safeside at Eastside, West Midlands Fire Service
Address 101 Vauxhall Road Nechells
B7 4HW
Contact details
Phone 0121 380 6429

Safeside at Eastside features a realistic, full size indoor street scene including a double decker bus, train, house with fire effects, Nationwide branch, Co-op store, dark alleyway, car and much more. Our philosophy is one of practical learning in which visitors experience real situations and have to act rather than simply being told.

We run a number of programmes for different groups. Find out what each programme covers and how it uses the street scene by visiting the relevant page. From each programme page you can can also download detailed information in pdf format to send or print for colleagues and so on.

When you have decided which programme is the right one for your group, all bookings are now taken online.

-Safestart: for the parents and all carers of the under fives
-Junior Citizen: for Years 5 & 6 at Primary School
-Lifeskills: Year 8 at Secondary School, delivered in partnership with Birmingham School of Acting
-NGAGE: adaptable tour for 11-16s in schools or youth groups, similar to Lifeskills
‚Äč-MoneyLIVE: financial education for KS3 & 4, in partnership with Nationwide Education
-YOYO: independent living for 16+
-SEN: specially adapted tours for those with special needs
-JSI:Safeside‚Äč: our new public access scheme for families, launching in summer 2014
-Conferences and events: Our meeting rooms and safety scenarios are sometimes available to book for external agencies who share a similar mission

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Categories Employment, Education and Training
Gender both
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Last updated: Dec 17, 2018 10:58

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