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Care package

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Organisation Penderels Trust
Address Room G12, Fairgate House 205 Kings Road Tyseley
B11 2AA
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Phone 0121 707 1817
Opening hours Monday 10am–4pm
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Using a Care agency
If you have decided to use an agency for all or some of your care, we can help you decide which one is best for you. The one you choose is always up to you although we will support you in making your decision.
-We will sit down together and work out what type of care you need and at what times during the day.
-We will work with you to decide what type of agency you are looking for and help you put together a list of care agencies that you may wish to contact.
-We will discuss with you how a care agency usually works and how they are checked to make sure they do a good job.
-Together, we will agree the type of questions you may like to ask them (for example, what their charges are).
-We will explain how you can book your care through the agency and draw up a list of questions you should ask (for example, what happens if you need to cancel an appointment).
-We will support you throughout the year with managing your care through an agency and we will help you if you have any problems with your care or wish to change agencies.
-We will advise you what to do if you need to complain or make a comment about your care agency.
-We will talk about what financial records you need to keep and what information you need to send in to the local authority.
-We will send you our regular newsletter and other information to keep you up-to-date.

Becoming an employer
Many people who receive a direct payment use their money to employ their own personal assistant (PA). There are many benefits to employing your own PA – you choose who supports you, you get to build a close working relationship, you can choose when and how they support you and you can probably be more flexible than if you used a care agency for your support.
There are also a number of responsibilities that you should be aware of – this may sound daunting, but Penderels Trust is able to provide support to ensure this process goes as smoothly as possible, not just in recruiting the right person but ensuring you become a good (and legal!) employer.

From the outset, we will discuss with you what is involved in employing a personal assistant and how we can support you.

-We will support you with all aspects of recruitment of a PA (such as preparing and placing advertisements, writing a job description, interviewing and obtaining references).
-We will help you to write a Contract of Employment for your employees.
-We will give you advice as to how to be a good employer and talk you through the responsibilities you have.
-We will give you advice on employment law and can help you access further assistance if you need it.
-We will advise you about the records you need to keep and we will help you to do this if you need us to.
-We will support you at any joint meetings with other people, such as social workers.
-We will send you our regular newsletter and other information to keep you up-to-date.
If you do decide to become an employer, you will be provided with a full Information Pack on our first visit to you.

Further general information can be found in our Direct Payments section under FAQs. You can also find specific information about our Payroll Service and our Training for employers on this website.

Payroll Support
If you are employing your own personal assistant, you want to be sure that you pay them accurately and on time. You also want to be sure that you meet your tax and national insurance obligations.

Our Payroll Bureau offers a specialist service for people who employ their own personal assistant.

We already support over 6,000 employers from our dedicated payroll office. Most of our customers pay their staff on a four-weekly pay cycle but we can accommodate other pay cycles if this is more suitable.

Our payroll service includes the provision of an automatic enrolment scheme for employers. It is now a legal requirement for all employers to provide a workplace pension for eligible staff, including those who employ someone for their own care. We will manage this scheme on behalf of our payroll customers. We offer different levels based on the eligibility of employees and the payroll service being received.

Service Levels

We offer two different levels of service: our standard payroll service and our Direct Debit (BACS) service. Whichever you choose, we will:
-Provide you with all the paperwork you need, including timesheets, our easy-to-read reference guide and a payroll calendar
-Allocate you a single contact within the payroll bureau so you know who to talk to if you need advice
-Keep you updated on changes in legislation such as minimum wage rates and statutory sick and maternity pay
-File P45s/P60s electronically and communicate other changes (e.g. tax code changes) by e-mail, saving time and paperwork as we are now directly linked to HMRC (In Years)
Our pricing structure is clear and straight forward which means you won't receive any unexpected additional charges throughout the year.

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