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Campaigning and Awareness

Address details
Organisation Newlife - The Charity For Disabled Children
Address Newlife Centre Hemlock Way Cannock Staffordshire
WS11 7GF
Contact details
Phone 01543 468888
Opening hours Monday 9:30am–5pm
Tuesday 9:30am–5pm
Wednesday 9:30am–5pm
Thursday 9:30am–5pm
Friday 9:30am–5pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

Campaigns & Awareness
To achieve improved services and knowledge and to be the voice of affected children and families.
Listening and understanding the needs of families, we work with policy makers at the highest levels from Parliament to Town Halls. Ensuring that disabled and terminally ill children and their families are not overlooked, and are treated fairly, and that the impact of their experiences ensures a better future.

Where it’s not what you can’t do that matters, but what you can do, given support, equipment and opportunity.

Most people would assume that disabled and terminally ill children are provided with the essential equipment that they need, but we believe that for 250,000 children this is far from the reality. Every day we hear from families whose children are sleeping on the floor because they don't have a specialist bed to keep them safe, children who cannot go to school because they have been refused the wheelchair they need, children who are in pain and whose conditions are deteriorating because statutory services have run out of funds. We even hear of children dying before their desperately needed equipment reaches them. We believe that disabled and terminally ill children having the right equipment at the right time it not too much to ask.

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